It has been a long time since I blogged. I have been so busy doing things that are not that important ( I am serious). It is week 10 and I have a lot of work to get done before finals but I spend my time worrying about the work load than actually getting it done ( aka, complaining). I go to the library everyday but I never get a lot of work done.

When people see me in the library, they think that I am doing a lot of work













but in reality,

I am daydreaming. I am thinking about










where I should go for spring break.










After a couple of hours of that, I go see what my friends are doing. When I see that they are studying, I feel bad and think to myself










So I go back to the library. I get work done for 2 hours ish. I take a Facebook break, a Hulu break, a Netflix break and a coffee break. After wasting 4 hours, I repeat the process. Now, I have a problem because

next week.











He is making fun of me but he doesn't understand the struggle.





















So I came up with a game plan.

I am going to hide my laptop.














Hopefully, I will be like this guy.











In the meantime, spring break is coming.