From top-to-bottom left-to-right: 1. My monthly calendar looks crazy -- and I only write the big due-dates on that! 2. My little laptop is (knock on wood) still holding up despite the obscene amount of use it gets. 3. I My primary source of sustenance is cereal stolen from the dining halls... 4. I live off of gum. I honestly go through over a pack a day. It's a problem. 5. I've already gone through multiple highlighters. Have you ever finished a highlighter in your life?!

I was never one to believe in college stereotypes like the “sophomore slump.” I always figured that as long as you worked hard everything would be alright and everything would get done. I may have avoided the frightening sophomore slump, but I must admit that junior year is brutal; you’re past all introductory level courses, you’re way involved with officer positions in all of your clubs,  and there’s a little thing called an internship/job search that is ever-ominously looming. Junior year is a lot of work!! I’ve never had to pull an all-nighter in my life (thank goodness!), but this term has seen some pretty ridiculous nap-length nights of sleep… far too many to be healthy! And it’s not like I’m goofing around either! Even working straight from dawn to dusk, sometimes I fear that there will literally not be enough hours in the day to complete certain tasks. This term has been insane with school work, club work, and work work and I really hope that spring can bring some ray of relaxation… even an hour of TV a week would be nice! Anyone else feeling the stress?