Hi Everyone!

For the month of April I’ve taken on a new challenge – I will take at least one photo each day!

I’m hoping that this will help me to utilize my camera more and really figure out the ins and outs of photography!

In order to avoid spamming you all, I’ll post the photos that I’ve taken in sets of 6. (So every 6 days, look out for a post!) **


1. At lunch on Wednesday, April 3rd, Upperclass Dining served “Japanese Burgers” as a special. I didn’t eat one because I’m a pescatarian, but my good friend did and said that they were really delicious!
2. On Thursday, April 4th, I went to The Gardens and climbed the Gingko tree! The Gingko tree is my favorite tree in The Gardens, and on warm days I love to climb and play around in it’s branches! (I’m still a child at heart).
3. One of my best friends, Kadiatou, always has a million vitamins on her at all times. On Friday, April 5th, she couldn’t find the vitamin that she was looking for and had to dump her entire bottle of mixed vitamins into her hand. I thought it was a cool photo opportunity!
4. Also, on Friday, April 5th, my friend Winnie began braiding my hair. She was putting my hair into “yarn braids.” Yarn braids essentially look like regular braids, except that instead of hair, you use yarn! Pretty hard to explain, but if you’re interested in seeing how it’s done, watch this video!
5. On Saturday, April 6th, I, like the crazy teenager that I am, stayed in for the night, and ate York peppermint patties, dried mango, lollipops, and oranges (….healthy?) while watching lots of movies. It was good to have some “me” time!
6. On Sunday, April 7th, it was my old roommate Meg’s birthday! Her friends made her the cutestcupcakes and I had to take a picture of them. Look at their little googly-eyes!

That’s all for now! Hope you enjoy(ed)! x

Photos taken with: Canon Rebel XSi
Lens used: 50 mm f/1.4

* Also, for the record I started the challenge two days late (on April 3rd) – so by the end of the challenge I will have taken 28 photos instead of 30.