I feel like I’ve aged decades in the last week, but I really only turned 22.

Sunday was my birthday- which, if I haven’t mentioned it sufficiently, is my all-time favorite day of the year. Ever. I normally start a countdown in March, but this year (probably because I’ve been just so mature) I waited until April 1st. I made signs to put on my door that my fantastic friend Jamie decided were pitiful (highlighters and computer paper? She was right), and she replaced it with her own much more crafty creation below.

My birthday weekend was obviously full of celebrating- my friends surprised me with streamers and balloons and gifts and dinner and cakes, and my family came for birthday lunches!

To be completely honest, though, it’s not at all my birthday that’s making me feel older. I just finished my last first week of classes at Union ever, and the countdown to graduate is starting… all of which makes life after Union seem so much closer. But nine weeks of classes is a long time, and 73 days until graduation is even longer.

Here’s to a long spring term!