Sam, my prom date, and I!

Before all of us Union students took off for a week of spring break (or two weeks for us lucky ones) I had the pleasure of attending Union’s first ever Gay Prom. This event took place on March 7th at Old Chapel and was a wonderful opportunity to get dressed up, take your significant other out for a good time (or best friend!), and dance like a fool. I ended up attending the event with three lovely ladies, all of us dressed in our best, and had a fantastic time. The music was great, the snacks were even better, and it was awesome to see everyone coming together whether straight, gay, bi, transgender, etc. At one point a prom king and queen were chosen based on interpretive dance performances. Everyone formed a ring and as the music raged on couples jumped into the center to dance battle it out. My date and I were super excited to battle it out for the grand title of king or queen. We hopped into the center and danced our bums off, but sadly we were not the chosen ones. Two male students were chosen, which made perfect sense as they were by far the best dancers at the prom. At one point one of the dancers actually lifted his partner off the ground and swung him around like a ballerina. I swear they rehearsed it beforehand!

Lovely Prom Ladies

In any event, the prom was awesome and had me thinking about my own Senior Prom. My Senior Prom was incredibly lame compared to this prom. I spent a ridiculous amount of money on a ticket, my dress, my hair, etc. and then I spent most of the evening fighting with my boyfriend of the time. NOT WORTH IT. I was so grateful to be able to do it all over with people that made me feel comfortable and appreciated. I’m really hoping that they continue this prom next year as it was a highlight of my time spent here at Union. I also hope that this post encourages others to come out to future gay proms, whether at Union or elsewhere. I guarantee you will have a great time!

My Senior Prom Expenses...