This weekend was very busy for me. Bhangra, a club that I am part off had a showcase this weekend.  It was a great show case. I remembered all the steps.

A spectacular unrecorded showcase

The girls were ready to take over.

On Sunday, my Zakuro-Daiko class was performing at the Union Talent show. A talent show for the accepted students who came to visit the campus.  A part of the class of 2017 was on campus. I was really excited to see the new incoming class. It was a bit more personal because a year ago, I was in the audience when the Daiko was playing but this year I was the one playing. I felt like I started from the bottom but now I was on stage.

Bad quality because we were moving quit fast

Prof. Matsue ( center)


I am so happy that I was able to play the drum for The Class of 2017.