I was on the phone with my mom last week when she mentioned that she was getting a food processor for Mother’s Day. I obviously asked who told her they would be buying her a food processor (my two younger sisters, my dad, and I normally talk about what we’re all getting her ahead of time, so I was taken aback). She quickly responded that no one told her, she was telling us… Message received.

After calling my dad to double check that he knew (he didn’t), I got inspired to get my mom a different mother’s day present (that I can’t write on here because she sometimes maybe might happen to read my blog posts). Don’t worry, it’s fantastic. Anyway, I was impressed with myself for being so on top of things, bought the present right away, and then had a brilliant idea: since chances are that I won’t go home before Mother’s Day, I could send the present to her right away! An early mother’s day present for her, avoiding the “how do I mail this” panic for me. Perfect. Until I just got off the phone with my mom and realized that Mother’s Day is Steinmetz weekend, so I’ll be seeing her the day before and totally could have wrapped it and saved it.  Oh, well… it’s the thought (the really early, really brilliant thought) that counts!