Hi everyone!

To remind you – For the month of April I’ve taken on a new challenge: I will take at least one photo each day! In order to avoid spamming you all, I’ve decided to upload them in sets of six.

April 8th, 2013 – April 13th, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 10.15.28 AM


On April 8th, it was beautiful outside – the first warm spring day of the trimester! So of course my good friend, Andrew, and I headed out to The Gardens to soak up the sun. As you can see, we were all smiles! It always surprises me how much a little bit of sunshine can cheer  you up!


On, April 9th, I didn’t take too many pictures while I was out and about on campus, so instead, I photographed the lamp that I have in my dorm room. As my friend Sarah so accurately put it, “I’m pretty sure almost every college student has that exact same lamp in his/her dorm,” haha.



On April 10th, I gave my hair some TLC! There’s a common misconception that when your hair is braided you do not need to put as much effort into taking care of it – very wrong! I probably pay moreattention to my hair when it’s in braids – I want to make sure that it stays moisturized, healthy, and smelling good! I tend to use all organic and natural oils in my hair. My hair reacts to them much better than it does to store-bought products.


On April 11th, I drove the 3 hours home and surprised my Mom for her birthday (which was on the 12th). I bought her a very beautiful bouquet of flowers.


On April 12th, I went out to my favorite breakfast restaurant (Nick’s On Broadway) with my Mama. (It was her birthday!) I, of course, ordered pancakes. (I’m much more of a sweet breakfast person than a savory breakfast person). Either way, the tables at Nick’s On Broadway always have a fresh flower in the middle of them. I’m not sure what type of flower this was, but I thought it was very interesting looking and beautiful!


On April 13th, before heading out to my Mama’s birthday dinner, I spent ample time snuggling with my overweight, fluffy, old (he’s sixteen!) cat, Taffy. I love, love, love this kitty!

That’s all for now. Hope you enjoy(ed). x

Photos taken with: Canon Rebel XSi
Lens used: 50 mm f/1.4