Today, I am reaching out in a different manner than usual: to ask for your help and support. The father of one of my TriDelta sisters is currently waiting on the 1A list for a heart transplant in the critical care unit at Mass General, hours away from his friends and family in Burnt Hills, NY. With every passing day, the cost to keep him there and as healthy as possible rises. At this point, Terry Miltner’s condition is worsening by the day, and his family has been forced to begin taking drastic measures to cope with the financial burden that his medical bills have forced upon them, as insurance will not cover all of the costs. Terry, a beloved former employee here at Union College and United States veteran, is facing this obstacle with the upmost optimism, and at this point, our generosity and compassion is really the Miltners’ last option. Right now, our goal is to raise $5,000, which will help to alleviate just some of the hardship, but going above and beyond that starting number would be truly amazing and greatly appreciated by the Miltner family. Attached is the link to Terry’s GoFundMe page where you can anonymously or otherwise donate to the cause, as well as learn more. Any contribution counts, even a dollar. Please help Delta help an amazing friend, sister and person and her warrior of a father! The sisters of Delta Delta Delta Beta Psi and the Miltner family would be eternally grateful.