It’s been a long, tiring week.  This past weekend I went to West Point Military Academy with four other students in the Russian department to compete in the New York State Russian Olympiada, a friendly competition between a handful of schools with Russian departments with events that included reciting a Russian poem, sightreading a short story in the Cyrillic alphabet, and a grammar quiz.  Fellow blogger Cat Ziac was also one of the Union students chosen to participate in the Olympiada, and you can read her post about it here.  Though Union students performed well, we failed to place in the top three tier of both first and second year Russian students.  It was a very fun experience, and it taught me what I need to work on in the future if I want to continue with my plan to minor in Russian.  My Sunday continued like any other, and I was able to get to bed at a reasonable hour for class on Monday morning.

At least the weather's warming up.

Monday was a day apart from any other.  After classes ended I wrote a quick reflection on the Boston Marathon explosions, an attack too close to home for me.  I’m scheduled to do my radio show on Monday nights at 8:00, and although both my co-DJ and I were shaken heavily by the bombings at the Boston Marathon, our show was one of the better one’s we’d ever done.  Classes yesterday went as normal, and today I’m back at work.  I’m really looking forward to the WRUC Executive Board meeting tonight, an event I haven’t missed since I started attending them during Spring term.  It’s just been an exhausting week.  The weekend’s almost here, though!  The good times are coming!