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Here are the next 6 photos in my “Photo A Day” series!

April 14th,2013 – April 19th, 2013


On April 14th, 2013 I spent most of the afternoon in the Unity Room doing work. These pins are always on display (and available for any student to take) and so I decided to snap a photo of them. They’re always a nice reminder!


On April 15th, 2013 I admired this beautiful tapestry (it covers the table in the Unity Room). I’ve been looking for the perfect tapestry for my own dorm room for awhile but have yet to find one.


On April 16th, 2013 I wore my most colorful accessories in hopes that dressing brightly would bring the warm Spring weather out. (Spoiler alert: It didn’t!)






On April 17th, 2013 Kadiatou, Andrew and I went thrifting after class! Thrifting is one of my absolutely favorite activities and on Wednesday (the day we went) everything was half off!  I love spending time with Kadiatou and Andrew and it was a much needed afternoon of relaxation and fun.

IMG_0245 (1)

On April 18th, 2013, I swung by the supermarket and drooled over the delicious looking avocados. (Yum!)

Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 7.49.02 PM


Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 7.49.14 PM

On April 19th, 2013, I performed in the African Student Association’s 2nd Annual show! Winnie, Kendall, Kadiatou and I performed the poem, “I Am An African” by Wayne Visser. We did a great job! There were lots of other really amazing performances (African drumming, belly dancing, skits!) and it was a really enjoyable time! (*These photos were taken with my iPhone rather than my camera).

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Photos taken with: Canon EOS Rebel T3i (Yup – I upgraded!)
Lens used: 50 mm f/1.4