One of my absolute favorite parts of life at Union are the campus movies offered every week in the Reamer Auditorium. Seriously, they rock. Not only does Union get access to every popular movie before they’re released on DVD to the public, but they are free! Perfect for a night in with your friends, or a cheap date night. Plus, Reamer is the perfect location to catch a late night flick – being that close to bookstore candy definitely makes it worth it. Last night, myself and a group of my guy friends made the treck from Fox to Reamer to check out Django Unchained at the 10 p.m. Sunday showing. Despite being pretty exhausted, I managed to make it through the almost 3 hour movie without dowsing off, probably thanks to Dutch Hollow being open until 12 a.m on Sundays and thus our ability to grab some popcorn chicken.

Let me just say, if you have not seen Django Unchained…you need to. Worth every Oscar nom it received, Django is an unbelievable movie. Yes, it’s rather difficult to watch, and the content is quite controversial, so if you have a queasy stomach I definitely would not advise watching  it, considering it contains plenty of that Tarantino gore. However, the performances were fantastic, and there wasn’t a moment where I was thinking about anything other than Django and his plight to reunite with his wife.

Needless to say, if you don’t pay attention to the weekly movie offering poster outside the auditorium, or notice it on the campus calendar, you are seriously missing out. Silver Linings Playbook is next week, and you better believe I’ll be the first one in the auditorium for it!