Earth week concert: Saturday

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This weekend, my Daiko assemble participated in Earth Week festival at RPI. Since I am technically not a musician, I did not think that prof. Matsue will let me play. To my surprise, she insisted. So I signed up and began the journey.The actual concert was on Sunday evening but the last rehearsal was on Saturday morning.  I took a lot of pictures so I decided to narrate what happened through the pictures.  So many things happened so I cannot put all of it in one post so this post is only what happened on Saturday.

On our way to RPI at 8:30am on Saturday morning

 On Saturdays, I usually sleep till 11am. I had a lot of struggle waking up that Saturday morning. Fortunately, my friend woke me up so I made to the bus. We arrived around 9am.

The concert hall

Nathan setting up the drums on stage

Another drummer setting up her drum on stage

Drums all in place

Prof. Matsue checking on the drums

After the drums we carefully placed on the stage, we went to get breakfast.

Warren, Nathan, Stanley, and Azusa( from left to right)

After breakfast, we went outside to warm up our bodies.

Running up down the stairs

Daiko says hello

After that, we went on stage for a couple of hours. When it came time to take a break, I was already sleeping.

Stanley and Azusa


Photo credit goes to Chris

Nathan brought his homework with him

Azusa eating her Sandwich

I did not take any picture of the performances because I was playing. In general, Saturday was a long day. We played all day. We had so many run troughs and not enough breaks. I spent more than 6 hours on that stage. (part 2 continues on the next post)


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