Nicole Cirelli

Nicole with some of her artwork.

Nicole is a senior majoring in biology and minoring in studio fine arts.  She is the head Resident Advisor of College Park Hall, an old hotel repurposed as an upperclass dorm. In addition she works in the Office of Residential Life. After Union she plans to attend the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco for a master’s degree. Nicole is also an avid artist, with several of her own paintings hanging in her dorm room.

Here is her advice for the incoming freshman class:

  • Read the books assigned in class – they are actually interesting and informative.
  • Despite everyone’s concern with living in College Park Hall, it only takes seven minutes to get all the way up to Bailey Hall on the other side of campus.
  • Remember that college isn’t all about school – go outside, get involved, and have fun.
  • The transition to college living isn’t that bad, especially if you are independent like Nicole was when she arrived.
  • Get ready to stand out at Union – even the small things make a big difference. In high school Nicole was considered preppy but at Union she falls into an alternative category just because her tattoos make her stand out.

This advice is coming from someone with four years of experience so don’t take it lightly. Nicole has successfully navigated Union’s waters and is aware of the all the twists and turns that you will face in your own college journey.