the crowd listening to Dan Senor speak in the Nott

Last weekend the campus and Union College community members had the pleasure of hearing Dan Senor, co-author of “Start-up Nation: the Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle,” speak about the economic miracle of Israel. The event, which was held in our very own Nott Memorial, was very well attended and truly inspirational. Senor spoke about the abundance of start-up companies that Israel produces and the way the country’s unique structure — one of an extremely large and proud immigrant population and a workforce that has almost entirely served in the military at some point during their lives — lends itself to an economy of innovation and ingenuity. My most favorite take-away from the talk was Senor’s suggestion for American students: embrace failure; it is gold. Senor explained that from a very young age Israelis learn that failure is not a stigma, but an opportunity for growth and personal development. Israelis are successful economically because they are not afraid to try and try again. If the first thing that we liked to share with people was our greatest failure, rather than our greatest success, we might be able to approach the world in a very different way and create things that could change the way we live forever. I think Union students have the potential to do this — can you prove me right?

Dan Senor kindly signing copies of his book for enthusiastic readers

(all photos courtesy of Maggie Weinreb, Union College Class of 2013)