This past weekend was the springiest it’s been all year. It was just the most fantastic weekend.

The fantasticness started with me deciding to not do anything Friday night so I could get up bright and early on Saturday, which I did (10:20 without an alarm clock. I impress myself). I went and ate a leisurely breakfast at West Dining Hall, followed by a run with my future housemate Courtney. When we got back from our run we saw some people we knew laying on the grass and sat with them. One was wearing a bathing suit, so I asked if she was swimming. She told me she was heading to the pool at 3. I told her I was SO in. I had bought an athletic swim suit months ago and never had the chance to wear it.

So we went swimming. And I absolutely love water. It was so perfect. After that, I went with some friends to the lacrosse game. It was the first time I had ever seen lacrosse. And it was still beautiful out. I finished the night with Game of Thrones, Mad Men, and some pizza.

And then the next morning I woke up early, too. And I asked my friend to go “hit the ball around” at the tennis court with me (he won’t let me call it tennis because I don’t know how to play). When we finished with that, there were people on the lawn again, including my future roommate Emily who had gone to visit a friend for the weekend.

For months her and I had been dreaming about roller blading. And Sunday seemed like the perfect day to do it. She called Wal-mart. They were in stock. So we headed over to buy them before it was bbq time.

Me showing off my new 8-wheelers



We got back, got toskate around a little bit and get comfortable, and then roller bladed to two different barbeques, one at the Sorum Minerva and one at Chabad. After that we just bladed around the school and looked at stuff, then bladed over to Reamer to see the Silver Linings Play Book.

All in all, it was like the best weekend ever. I can’t wait for more- especially this weekend- Springfest!

oh and more roller blading (pictures to come!)