It is week five of spring term here at Union, and you know what that means: MIDTERMS! But, fortunately for you, some of us have been through this wringer before (kindly offering tips herehere, and here) and are happy to help again! Here are the tricks that I will be living by this week:

Figure out your schedule. — It’s absolutely essential that you organize your time before diving into studying. Figure out what needs to get done and then come up with a game plan. You will feel so much better if you have a gauge of where you’re at with your work and how close you are to completion.

Interact with friends. — While some people resort to locking themselves in the library all week, I do not think this is conducive to test prep. Sometimes the best way to learn something is to review it with friends and have fun. 

Venture off campus. — Whether you’re looking for a study break or simply in search of a new studying venue, it’s always a good idea to look off campus! Hit up Starbucks, the public library, or a cute cafe!

Enjoy studying! — Wait, is this an oxymoron?! No. This is possible. We’re at school to learn and become better people and we should not forget this aim during hectic and stressful testing times. Enjoy yourself while you study and that positivity will hopefully translate positively towards your grades!

Best of luck!