Last Monday I attended the Good Eats program at the Golub Minerva House here on the Union College campus. The program was founded by my inspiring housemate Kaitlyn Suarez (just Google the gal — she’s changing lives left and right) and involves bringing developmentally disabled adults from the Schenectady ARC (Advocacy, Resources, Choices) to prepare a healthy home-cooked meal with students. Past meals have included everything from stir-fry to lasagna, but always focus on using local ingredients and healthy choices. Students and the program guests prepare the meals from start to finish, participating in absolutely every aspect of the cooking process. I have been to almost every single Good Eats event this year and cannot wait to see where the program goes; a night spent at Good Eats always promises to include lots of bonding, lots of laughs, and of course lots of good food! Check out my video above to see what I mean!

Also, don’t forget to read the USA Today article on the event — so cool!