I am sure that you have heard a lot about how great this weekend was on campus. Guess what, I haven’t told you how much fun I had so here is some more details.

On Friday evening, I celebrated Holi with the Hindu and Jain Association on campus. Holi is the festival of color celebrated by Hindus. I really did enjoy it.


Mihir covered in color


Right after Holi, I went to Beuth to host a barbecue.

I cook the ribs,

and the chickens.

Vini and Elise enjoying the ribs.

The barbecue was great and so many people came by to eat. I enjoyed my Friday evening and could not wait for springfest which was on Saturday morning.


Andrew, Chris and I(right to left)

My roommate and I

Sabra and I

I had so much fun at springfest.  It was so much fun seeing all my friends out and having fun. I wish every weekend was springfest. In the meantime, I know that we have more Union’s holidays coming up so be on the lookout for more how much fun I have om the weekend at Union posts.