If there is anything that I love more than sleeping, it is music. I also enjoy politics so when someone puts music and politics together, I am instantly hooked. On Tuesday night, a friend of mine told me about Wyclef Jean’s new mix tape, April Showers. I went home and listen to the album. I have played the album over and over since Tuesday night. In this album, Wyclef talks a lot about his pass, how music changed his life, makes a lot of reference to Haitian culture, and a lot of political references. I like listening to words when I am listening to a song. His words are powerful. He is preaching peace, love and friendship but the way he says things makes you think. I feel really connected to this album because it reminds of home and I able to understand the political references that he makes about Haiti. Wyclef is also trying to start a movement.

Wyclef is really aware of what is going around the world. He is trying to bring some peace around the world through music. His invention is the gattar. The gattar is a guitar in the form of an AK-47. The AK-47 is the most use gun around the world. Wyclef is trying to get people around the world to turn in their AK-47 in exchange for a gattar.

Wyclef with a gattar

I hope that his plan works well because it would be great to have gattar everywhere instead of a AK-47.