Saturday morning was great, in a way. I got up at 8 because I was supposed to accompany a friend to pick up his friend to come up. But then that didn’t work out so I was just awake at 8. SO we went to breakfast, which was lovely.

All I wanted to do was go swimming. And not in a pool, especially not indoors. I just wanted to go to a lake and wouldn’t stop talking about it. And then my friend Emily was just like “we could go to Lake George right now. Let me call my mom”

I was just too excited! So immediately we got a group together, got ready to go, and drove up to her boat. We were a little worried for a bit because ti started raining, but by the time we got on the boat it was fine. The water was cold, but we went in anyways….it was fine once we went numb!

It really took almost no time to get to one of the country’s most renowned lakes. I suggest you take a trip up; it’s wonderful.