… Like the Memorial Chapel Bell Tower!!

My friend Amy plays the bells for Union, and she gave my friend Lizzy and I a tour of the tower! I’m absolutely terrified of heights, so the ascent to the bells what a bit of a test for me. After entering a secret doorway into a teeny (and I mean teeny) winding staircase, we reached another level and another doorway. This time, it opened into complete darkness- once the light turned on, it was another staircase with another door ahead… and behind this door was a ladder, and then finally the bell tower!!  Well, you have to climb another level to get to the controls for the bells, and then there’s another ladder up to another level- I opted out of these and stayed on the first level. While the other two ventured above, my knees wobbled and I held on to the railing. I was clearly missing out though- all I heard was Lizzy repeating, “This is amazing!! I can’t wait to tell my mom!!” After I saw the picture, I completely understood!