In Senegal food is a big part of the culture. My host family makes lots of food everyday. The way they eat is really different from what I am use to.  The food is placed on a big plate. You wash your hand and then you find a spot around the plate. With your right hand, you take the food and eat it. Your left hand is to stay away from the plate as much as possible. If there is a big piece of meat that you cannot break, you ask for help. They will hold it with you and break it.

I know this way of eating sounds really different but it is a more welcoming way of eating. It involves more sharing everything on your plate with everyone. My only problem is that they feed me more food that I can take and if I say no, it is disrespectful.  To be honest, the taste of the food makes it worth it.

So far, I had

Fish with onion sauce

lamb ribs

Maafe with lamb

Maafe is made of peanut sauce and vegetables. You can have it with fish, chicken or lamb. The taste of the peanut is not that strong. It is one of the most famous food in Senegal. I will recommend it anytime.