I always want to try new food. I am whiling to eat a dish even when I have no idea what the ingredients are. I would eat a bunch of different dishes even when I know that it is unsafe for my digestive system. When people try to talk me out of eating something different, I Laugh and I tell them that the best way to know a culture is to eat all of its street food. This scenario usually repeats itself for the first few weeks and then goes down from there. I get sick and I have to stay in bed for most of the time.

Well, since I am that guy, I did not expect much from me when I arrived in Senegal. Since the first day, I started on the street food. I have had fry fish, fry lamb, fry salami, grill peanuts, home-made hot sauce with something fry, and lots of mango. By a lot, I mean at least four for lunch and two/4 or more after dinner.

A bag full of juicy mango

Yea, my body is not taking this too well but I am getting to know Senegal by eating delicious food and awesome mangoes. I could not be more happier.