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The mini-term to Senegal is 3 weeks long. The first week, we spent in Dakar. Dakar is the capital of Senegal. There, we learned Wolof , the most popular language In Senegal, Senegalese wrestling, and we learned about the Islāmic influence in Senegal. I had a great time in Dakar. ( See previous posts) However, I could not wait for the last two weeks.

The last two weeks of the mini-term would be in the villages, long walks in the forest in search of wild animals, and lots of African drumming. As you may know, I drummed quite a bit this school year. I played Japanese drumming but I prefer African drums. So when Tuesday morning came, I was the first one on the bus.

One Tuesday, we visited Touba. Touba is the center of Islam in Senegal. Senegal pretty much has its own version of Islam. For many Senegalese, Touba is the holy town instead of the Mecca. 

We visited the mosque but since we were not Muslims, we were not allowed to go inside the mosque. The guide gave of a tour of th buildings around the mosque. After visiting the mosque, we had lunch at our guides house.

Rice,eggs, chicken, and onions.

This plate of food was only for four people. We could not eat it all and trust me, I tried. After lunch, we got on the bus to go prof. Ndayie village. Prof. Ndayie is from Senegal and always takes the mini-term to his native village.  I had no idea what to expect but all I can say his that we were well received.  People were dancing, food was waiting for us, and the village kids were the best.

After the village, we left for a hotel. We are staying at the hotel till Friday. We have plan activities waiting for us. So it will fun. Look out for the next post.

The hotel



Senegalese dancing

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