As I sit here at my summer job I can’t help but think that Union during the summer is a completely different place than it is during the year. It lacks all the hustle and bustle of the hundreds of students traversing the campus on their way to class. It lacks the echo of voices and footsteps across the expansive quad. It lacks the lines in Reamer. It lacks all the speakers, parties, and events. It even lacks the packed parking lots. However, what it doesn’t lack–what it never seems to lack –is its essence and beauty.

First of all, Union College is one of the few places that looks great in any weather. The same stunning sight of the idyllic campus on the warmest spring afternoon is equally breathtaking under four feet of snow or an inch of water. The look of the Nott covered in snow is like the scene from a Christmas card and the flash of lightning during a driving rainstorm over the football field is just as spectacular as a come from behind victory in the fourth quarter. I don’t know how Ramee did it but, whatever he did, he did a stunning job.

Also, even though most of the students have gone, Union still maintains her vibrancy. Laughter still resounds from the remaining students and multitude of kids at various campus. Professors are still in their offices working hard on research or developing new courses. Administrators still run the campus seamlessly behind the scenes.  The grounds crew still keeps grass green and the flowers blooming. Even the many squirrels and other critters still scamper about merrily. It may be the summer but it still feels like the same Union. I don’t know how they do it but it is definitely one of my favorite things about this school.


Come to think of it, maybe it’s not so different after all!



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