Welp, it’s Labor Day Weekend, and unfortunately…we all know what that means. Summer has officially drawn to a close. However, given Union’s delightful trimester system, classes on campus still don’t start for another week. For me, classes will take even longer to commence, as I won’t even arrive in York, England until September 14! Just in case you have forgotten, or haven’t been spending all of your time digging through and pouring over my previous posts (how dare you!) I will be abroad this fall term and could not be more excited!

As my last non-Union attending friend has packed up and headed back to his or her respective school for another year, I have been focusing much more on preparing for my upcoming European adventure; that preparation has included growing just slightly nostalgic for the past summer and looking back on all of the fun I had. Considering I took the summer off from Maura Met Union, I figured a gallery of some pictures accumulated over the past couple of months would be a fun way to recap!