Pens, pencils, pictures of Mom and Dad, wall hooks, snacks, toothbrush, Brita water filter, Post-its… everyone knows the basic necessities of back-to-school packing, but what about the weird stuff? What about the things you realize you forgot the minute Mom and Dad pull away from your dorm? Well here’s a quick list of six things you shouldn’t forget this year:

1. a bulletin board — I like to use mine to tack up programs, flyers, and pins from various events I attend all term. It’s so wonderful to see the board fill up over the course of the ten weeks and with all of the awesome things to do at Union you can be sure to see your board filled up multiple times over!

2. dishes — Hopefully you’ll be spending most of you time bonding with friends in the dining hall, but for those inevitable meals in-dorm make sure you have some dishes of your own to use. Don’t be that kid who steals from West…

3. an iron and ironing board — I know you think your clothes will stay pin-straight all term from your mom’s awesome ironing before you left for school, but they just won’t. I know. I’m sorry.

4. a flag — Be patriotic. Decorate your room. It’s a win-win!

5. stationary — It’s a little summer-camp-y, but your family will appreciate it (and in case you didn’t already know it, Union is secretly a summer camp). Plus, everyone loves snail mail and writing a good letter is a great way to de-stress.

6. an I.D. case — Skip the lanyard from orientation and grab yourself something more unique. I like this for gals and this for guys.