work or “work?”

a pretty sight... i think....

a pretty sight… i think….

I want to share with you one of my most secret, semi-irrational fears: I might be an inefficient worker. Sometimes when I’m doing homework on the weekends and hear my neighbors hanging out or watching TV in the middle of the day I wonder, “Do they not have any homework? Am I simply a busier student? Do I just like doing homework more? Or — gasp! — am I bad at doing homework?” I might never know! See, I honestly enjoy doing homework (my mom is a bit of a workaholic too, so I guess it makes sense), but why does it sometimes feel like I don’t have time for anything else? Granted, I’m including club and job responsibilities in this definition of “homework,” but isn’t it odd that while most students’ back-to-school goals include “get better grades” and “watch less TV” mine include “work less” and “watch more TV?” I’m not even joking — one of my goals this term was to commit myself to watching a TV show (Please note: I still have not come any closer to completing this goal as of yet…). College work is interesting in that one wants to complete all of the work (not only because it’s interesting, but because you’re paying for it), but at the same time there must be some “optimal” amount of input effort in order to secure the same grade (speaking economically, at some point additional effort yields diminishing marginal returns). I am very consciously making an effort to have a better “work-life balance” this term, but I think that change might have to begin with my definition of “work;” if I enjoy doing my homework, so be it! Maybe it’s ok if writing a paper is more fun than watching a mediocre TV show… maybe work doesn’t have to be “work.”

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My name is Catherine Elizabeth Ziac (Cat, for short) and I am a senior at Union College in Schenectady, NY. When I'm not studying for my major in economics or my minor in Russian, you can find me skimming through catalogs, playing the flute, fishing, online window shopping, chatting with my sisters (my twin, Julia, studying physics at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, CA, or my little sister Maddy, currently a senior in high school), or out and about in good old Schenectady with my wonderful Union friends! I love pink nails, long showers, office supplies, and going to the public library. I spend too much time looking at blogs and skimming the WSJ online, but I still believe in the merits of a hand-written letter. I am always in the mood for yogurt and granola and am never without a piece of gum. I usually answer "blue" when asked my favorite color, but I know in my heart that it's always been and always will be garnet!

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