Within two weeks of being back at school, I’m back on my radio game and I’ve got myself a show! Max Lutze and I will be bringing sweet sounds across the airwaves and straight into your ears every Tuesday night at 8pm! You can listen to our show, From Russia With Love, on WRUC 89.7FM if you’re in the Schenectady area. If you’re not, you can stream it here.


The representative WRUC Executive Board, from left to right: General Manager Steven Stangle, Technical Director Jeremy Vick, Human Resources Director Cam Duval (myself), Music Director Max Prime

In other news, I’m back on the Executive Board as a Music Department peon/underling, working under my good friend Max Prime. I’ve declared myself Human Resources Director, but in actuality, that position doesn’t do anything and probably won’t do anything. If the need arises for a Human Resources consultant, I’m ready. Listen to my show! Listen to other shows! WRUC was recently rated the 15th Most Popular College Radio Station by the Princeton Review! Ain’t it cool?