the college schedule

One of the biggest questions I had coming into college was what my daily schedule would look like. I couldn’t wrap my head around anything but my 7am-4pm high school day. I would beg my parents, “Yeah, but what will I do all day?!” And they would answer (correctly), “Well, when you’re not in class, you’ll be studying, and when you’re not studying, you’ll be doing clubs, and when you’re not doing clubs, you’ll be hanging out with friends.” But, I still couldn’t get it. Now, however, I do. And I’ll tell you something: I love it! So for all you curious cats out there, here’s what my schedule looked like last week:



9am – Grab a quick breakfast with my best friend (and a 2013 Union graduate!) before she heads back to the real world

10am – Meet with the director (and an excellent professor!) of Economics tutoring on campus

11am – Check my mailbox, grab a coffee, and read the Wall Street Journal before my next obligation

11:45am – Monetary Economics

12:50pm – Lunch from O3 (our organic cafe here!) outside on the patio behind Reamer Campus Center

1:50pm – Culinary Chemistry

3:30pm – Meet with the Student Activities Budget and Finance Coordinator about this year’s Russian Club

4pm – Attend the year’s first Senior Orientation at the Becker Career Center

5pm – Gym, dinner, shower

8pm – Homework

10pm – House meeting

11pm – More homework

12am – Sleep!



9am – Wake up and check some emails before heading out to work

10am – Walk over to the Union Communications Office

10:30am – BLOG!!! (here and here)

12:40pm – Run a Russian Club meeting

2pm – Chip away at Thesis and a market letter update in the Wold Center

3pm – Tutor for macroeconomics

3:50pm – Monetary Economics

5pm – Dinner with friends

7pm – Orchestra rehearsal

9pm – Gym, shower

10:30pm – Econ reading, chem reading, thesis work…

12am – BED!



9am – Meet with the Russian Club treasurer in Student Activities to be trained for the year

10:30am – Meet with my thesis advisor to discuss next steps

11:45 am – Monetary Economics

12:50pm – Honor Council meeting cancelled, so grab lunch with friends instead

1:50pm – Culinary Chemistry

5pm – Pick up my twin sister from home

6pm – Go to Dave and Buster’s at Crossgates Mall for my high school friend’s 22nd birthday

8pm – Head back to school

8:30pm – Join some rush events at my favorite fraternity and chill with friends

2am – Finally get some sleep



Morning – sleep in and crank out some reading and problem sets for class

1pm – Grab a lunch to go from Upper

1:30pm – Spin by home to pick up a cooler and sunscreen before heading out for an adventure!

2pm – Off to Thacher Park!

3pm – Enjoy a delicious picnic lunch while soaking in the beautiful views of the Hudson and Mohawk Valleys

3:30pm – Try to go to the Indian Ladder Trail, but Ronnie dies, so have to abort mission

4pm – Eek back home on a questionable engine and through horrific rush-hour traffic

6pm – Make it back to school just in time to grab a quick dinner from Dutch

7pm – Run the Eco Support Center

9pm – Run into some friends on my way back to the house and stop to catch up for a little while

9:30pm – Gym

11pm – Squeeze in some time for homework

1am – Hit the hay



8:30am – Grab breakfast with a friend then get straight to doing homework

9am – Take a few hours to make some great progress on blogging, classwork, and club organization

11:45am – Econ is cancelled so more time for work!!

12:50pm – Go to the weekly Russian Table

1:50pm – Culinary Chemistry

3pm – Hand in payroll forms and Russian Club event forms

3:30pm – Stop by a friend’s place to get some much needed catch-up time

5pm – Head back to the house and chat with my housemates who it feels like I haven’t seen in ages

6pm – Gym

7pm – Shower and rush to get ready

7:30pm – Get picked up by my family for a special dinner at Aperitivo

9:30pm – Convinced to stop by home for a little bit to discuss my future/watch some of World War Z

11pm – Back to school for weekend fun!