Sunday Night Dinners

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This year I am fortunate enough to live in a theme house. My theme house gives me some great things, one thing being a full kitchen. And that means Sunday Night Family dinners! So far there have been two Sundays with all the members of the house present, and we have had some great meals. I love how we don’t really match up what we are making with a theme so really anything is on the table (literally).


2013-09-15 20.05.33


Roasted eggplant w/ seasoning, salad, pasta w/ alfredo sauce, steak, spinach pie, rice wine

2013-09-22 18.38.24

Green bean feta dish, caprese bruschetta, (not pictures) tilapia, gyro meat, sugar cookies

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Mary Locke is a sophomore at Union College, hailing from Acworth, a town of 900 people in the hills of western New Hampshire. She is currently working towards a major in biology and a minor in Russia Language. At Union she is involved in the jazz ensemble (playing the alto saxophone), the honor council, the Russian and East European club, and Religious Diversity House. Mary li,ary locke kes to spend her time cooking, exploring, reading, skiing, observing the things around her, and enjoying good eats and good talks with good people.

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