Rugby is a great sport to join at Union as a freshman. You have all the benefits of a proficient and competitive team without the pressure of an official varsity team. We have coaches, jerseys, equipment, events, and daily practices. Rugby has grown in popularity since I arrived last year and the team has already grown to around 30-40 players. Unlike other sports like football, there is a position for every body-type. Check out the list of positions below to see where you might fall:

Forwards: Bigger players who can safely tackle and take a lot of hits.

  • PropForward
    • Big
    • Powerful Legs
    • Strong Back and Shoulders
  • Hooker
    • Short Torso and Long Arms
    • Strong Back and Shoulders
    • Flexible
  • Second Row/Locks
    • Tall
    • Good at Jumping
    • Powerful Legs
  • Flanker
    • Smaller and faster
    • Fast burst speed
    • Powerful tackler
  • 8-man
    • Big and tall
    • Fast burst speed
    • Versatile

Backs: Faster and more-agile plays who can handle the ball well.


  • Scrum-half
    • Small and fast
    • Very tough
    • Good tackler
  • Fly-half
    • Agile and Fast
    • Good decision-making skills
    • Kicking ability
  • Inside & Outside Centers
    • Stocky and powerful
    • Good speed
  • Full-back
    • Speed
    • Kicking ability
  • Wing
    • Speed above all else

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