While I was in Senegal this summer, I realized that I really like taking pictures. It was a fun way to kill time and a great way to capture memories. When I got back on campus, I decided to take a black and white photography class. Prof. Benjamin Martin teaches that class. He is a fun professor who is very understanding and gives you great advice.

The best part about the class is developing the picture. I am use to digital cameras where you can see how the image looks like but now I cannot. So printing the picture is exciting because that is the first time you will get to see it. I am not a professional yet but I can say I take good pictures. My camera is with me all the time. This class is so much fun and like what I am doing so much that I am thinking about  studying  photography…….( to be continued)


In the dark room watching the prints

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Negatives….pictures of Buddha and trees