A Trip to Jay Street

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The other morning, a friend and I decided to go get breakfast at a place he knew on Jay Street called Katz Cafe. It was more of a brunchy hour so we weren’t sure whether it would be open or not. And to our dismay, it was already closed. That being said, I got to experience some other parts of Jay Street.

Jay Street is often spoke of by students as a place to go. The Green Market it there every Sunday, people love the Happy Cappuccino for coffee, and it’s just known as a nice place to go when you need a break from campus.

It’s very cute. There was a little alley way, reminiscent of Diagon Alley, leading us onto the vehicle-less street. After realizing Katz Cafe was closed, we went to a little place next door for soup and sandwiches. I can’t remember the name of the place, but it had great art and a witty menu. The food was okay-nothing special-but it was a very cool atmosphere.

Then we went to a music store across the street to inquire about saxophone repairs (I need my sax to get fixed), and they were very friendly and had many great instruments to look at. After that we perused a few other stores, considered getting coffee, and headed back to campus because we both had class.

P.S.The next week we went back to Katz Cafe and the bacon egg and cheese on a bagel was fantastic.

It was a nice taste of Jay Street that I hadn’t experienced yet. Here are some pictures:

IMG_1639 IMG_1643

The Alley Way to get onto the street and the interior of the place we went to eat


The parking lot behind Jay Street


At night on a later date

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  1. Cam '16

    Did you go to Ambition Cafe? Their food is delicious, my parents and I eat there every time they come to visit!

  2. Mary '16

    I think that actually might have been the one! So cool inside!

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