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This weekend Admissions needed a student to chaperon high school student that were coming to visit Union on Sunday night. Admissions took care of the  bus ticket and gave me the option to go to the city on Friday evening to do whatever I wanted. It turned out  that it was my friend birthday that weekend. He lives in Brooklyn so I was pretty excited to go to the city for Union and be there for my friend’s birthday as well. It was a great weekend. We had a little get together on Saturday night and plenty of people came.

Crepe city We had some Crepe on Saturday morning.

Crepe city
We had some Crepe on Saturday morning.

The birthday get together on Saturday night.

Dancing to Haitian Music

Dancing to Haitian Music

Marley and I

Marley and I




Marley and birthday boy

Marley and birthday boy

On Sunday morning, I got back with prospective students.

Coming back with prospective

Coming back with prospective students


It was a fun weekend but I did miss Union a lot so I took some pictures of The Nott when I got back.

Just The Nott


PS: Haitian music

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