The soundboard we use in the downstairs studio.

Last Tuesday marked the first time my radio show was not interrupted by technical difficulties. Mind you, I’m counting all of last year’s shows. The problem we’d encountered most in the past was the station’s auto-playlist cutting into the internet livestream of the show. My parents would try to listen to my show and it would cut out mid-broadcast, replaced by the station’s playlist that plays when no one has a show. I’m not sure if anyone else was having this problem, but it happened at least once a week during my show.

Good news, though! It looks like our technical troubles are over! WRUC has been on the up-and-up recently, and I think this is a good indicator that things are getting better as the year goes on. I’m excited to have a fully-functional hour to play music without having to worry about the internet stream. As far as I can tell our problem only affected the stream and not the actual broadcast into the Schenectady airwaves, but that hindered my family and friends from being able to hear my show and resulted in a barrage of text messages mid-show telling me that I was no longer on-air. We would just grimace through it and apologize for the difficulties, but now I think things will finally start to work out for us.