Are you creative? Do you love Photography? How about making new friends?  Well, if the answers are yes; I have got a surprise for you.

Here at Union we have an extracurricular activity called Focus on First Year Program. It is a photography session held twice a month during common lunch hour usually on Wednesdays. The idea is that students in this program capture and reflect on their experiences as  freshmen at Union.


 The theme of the photos varies. For example, we worked on themes such as: what I left behind, my first days at Union, anxiety and confidence, and Union unseen. Students have 15 days to combine their creativity, curiosity and personal experiences and take a picture that best reflects their take on the given theme.  They will get sufficient time in the class to talk when their photos pop up on the screen.


It is more than just taking photos. Doing the assignments will give the students a chance to:

–          Talk to people and make new friends.

–          Explore the beautiful Union campus, and acquaint with the surrounding community.

–          Get free food.

–          Learn about new cultures.

–          Share personal experiences.

–          Know their creative selves.



At the end of the fall term the best pictures will be selected to be part of a photo exhibition on campus. It is super fun.