This weekend I opened my mailbox and, expecting to find nothing but pizza menus and event flyers, was surprised to find an envelope with my name on it. What was more surprising, I think, was the lack of Chinese food menus. Could it be my acceptance letter to Hogwarts, 8 years late? It had a Union stamp on it, so I quickly ruled that option out. I also didn’t like thinking about what must have happened to the owl if the letter was 8 years late.

Anyhow, I took the letter back home with me and opened it. Turns out it was my acceptance letter for the Spring term abroad to Siberia! I’d been expecting to get accepted, but it’s still a relief to know I’m officially slated to go abroad now. Actually it’s more of a “this is really happening” sort of feeling, if that makes any sense. I’d been telling people for a while that I’d be going to Siberia for the last term of my academic year at Union, and while I’ve certainly been jazzed about it for a while, it’s finally coming home to roost. I’m nervous about living in a different country and fending for myself in the native tongue, and I’m not sure how confident I am in my abilities. I’m sure I’ll be fine once I’m there, but I’m sure it’ll take a little while. It’s all very exciting!


I’ll be staying on Lake Baikal, the body of water north of Mongolia.