Four days ago, the West Dining Hall placed around thirty pumpkins on the table and said that on the 31st of October there would be a pumpkin carving competition. I, like many other students, signed up for the challenge. Too bad for me, I never carved a pumpkin in my life (yea, I know), and I didn’t have the correct tools to carve the pumpkin with. Long story short the only thing I achieved out of my experience carving is a mess, an abused pumpkin, and some good memories. Fortunately, for the rest of us, there are many students on campus, who are very handy with pumpkins, so the display on Halloween was amazing. I posted a couple of really cool pictures of them.

West Hall went all out not only with the contest, but also with the decorations and the food. The cupcakes were decorated; there was candy instead of vegetables, and the staff were all wearing costumes. Even if you don’t believe in Halloween and you don’t dress up, you would have had fun when you went in for your meal. The spirit was most certainly felt. Happy Halloween!