Because I’m living in a theme house this year, I have a full kitchen. All year, the members of the house and I have been trying to use it as much as possible. We had weekly Sunday dinners and tried to make different meals. But sometimes with how busy we were, we cancelled dinners, or just ate in Reamer instead.

A few weeks ago I found this bread recipe and I wanted to try it out. So last week I made a loaf and it was so easy and quick and came out really well. I decided to double the recipe so I could make two more loafs throughout the week.

One night I was home alone and made myself a pasta sauce with just tomatoes, garlic (a lot of garlic), basil, and chili pepper flakes, to put on my pasta. I also made some garlic butter to put on the bread to eat on the side. Because this meal was for just me, I had a sauce and garlic butter left over.


The next night my friend came over before dinner and was hungry.We didn’t really have much quick food, but we still did have enough dough for a loaf of bread. I decided that with the ingredients left over from the night before I could make a pizza! I put the garlic butter on the ban and powdered it with flower before rolling out the dough (with a juice glass) and putting it on. We had some mozzarella so I just put the sauce and the cheese on top. It came out really well!