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As of 1pm on Friday, November 15, 2013 I became officially employed come July 2014. I will be headed to my favorite midtown Manhattan to work in Sales and Trading at a notable bank.

Getting here has been quite the process. Between myriad phone calls, Skype interviews (see tips here), trips to New York (see here and here), and countless frantic meetings with the Career Center (see here), somehow it all came together. It was not an easy decision in the slightest and the thing I struggled with the most was not whether or not I wanted the job (I’m pretty sure it’s going to be perfect for me), but coming to terms with taking the next step in my life. Coming to terms with change.

I downloaded my offer letter to my iPad and signed it electronically. I then ceremoniously spiraled myself up to the top floor of the Nott Memorial, opened my laptop, and sent my acceptance email. I know it’s kind of silly, but Union has been such a pivotal experience in my life and the Nott has always been the most special building on campus to me. It felt right to spread out at a large wooden desk, the mid November sun shining gently through the stained glass windows, and to make this next very deliberate, very frightening step in my life.

I still have 5 months left at Union, but something about my time here will not be the same now. It’s easy to say that everything’s all set because this — this job — is what I was working towards this entire time, but this — this time to appreciate Union and my life and every amazing person around me — is what I’ve been working towards my entire life. Sure, I am employed post-grad and that is incredible, but more incredible will simply be soaking it all in!