what to do with 6 weeks of break

Union’s trimester schedule comes with countless benefits (see here), with a whopping 6-week winter vacation coming in near the top of the list. However, for many people a month and a half can be pretty daunting especially having just finished 10 brutal weeks of non-stop assignments and obligations. So, here’s a list of some ideas to keep yourself occupied over our wonderful winter break:

1. Get a job – the Becker Career Center is exploding with opportunities for winter break internships. Also, I have plenty of friends who go back to their summer jobs during the holiday season. If you’re looking to nab a new job, it definitely helps that we’re out well before any silly semester schools. Working for UPS is a popular option…

2. Relax – we just spent 10 straight weeks going to class, running clubs, scrambling to complete  assignments, getting through midterms just to start studying for finals, and not getting any time off for holidays. I don’t know about you, but I am absolutely exhausted and I can’t wait to sleep, watch Netflix, sleep, get a massage, sleep, do my nails, sleep, sleep, sleep, SLEEP!

3. Read – it’s all too tempting to turn these next 6 weeks into a month and a half of TV show marathons (see number 2), but it is also important to take this time to be a real human being and appreciate reading for the sake of reading. Just imagine — before technology, people our age would read novels for leisure. Crazy! I am going to take this time to read books I want to read and appreciate a skill that got me into school in the first place. See my reading list here.

4. Catch up with friends and family – because that’s really what the holiday season is all about. I am really looking forward to seeing my grandparents, hanging out with my sisters, veg-ing with my mom and dad, and hearing all the latest updates from my amazing childhood friends.

5. Work out – I have a tendency to talk the talk a lot when it comes to staying active (see here and here), but it’s time to walk the walk (literally!). The holiday season is notorious for being a detrimentally unhealthy time of year, but making time to work out not only is a great way to stay fit, but to stay sane as well!

6. Travel – and here, my friends, is my ultimate vacation goal. I only have a few school vacations left (the good and the bad of landing a job…) and I plan on making the most out of them. This break I will be spending 20 amazing days in sunny California. Every person I’ve talked to about preparing for the real world has given me the same advice: travel while you can! There is nothing like learning from doing and seeing the world is probably the best way to start 🙂


Happy break, Dutchmen and women! Good luck with the rest of finals, happy holidays, and I will see you in the new year — cheers!