I think I may finally be getting used to this whole French language thing.  While I’ve yet to dream in French, I am to the point where I actually forget certain words in English, but know them in French!

This seems strange considering I’ve only been here for 3 months, but it’s true! I’ll be talking to a classmate in English, and have to switch to French to get my point across. While at times it’s a little frustrating, I can’t complain!

The first week I spent in Rennes, France, I thought I would never learn French! It was crazy to me to think that I would ever be able to understand what my host family was saying at dinner, or what my professor assigned for homework. Now, with less than three weeks left in France, I can safely say that I at least understand the general theme of every conversation I hear! So proud!


The French language is so different from English.  While some English speakers say French is more beautiful, and the French say that English is more simple, I’ve decided that the French just don’t have as many words as we do.  I feel as though I can explain things more in depth in English, but there are still words in French that don’t have a simple translation, forcing us to speak in French (oh boo).

By being around French speakers 80 percent of the time, my mind has grown accustomed to thinking in both languages, and now if someone switches from English to French, it doesn’t take my mind as long to catch up!  It seems crazy to me that only after being here for a short amount of time, I’m already thinking in franglais! While English is my mother tongue, it seems so easy to forget after being immersed in another culture!

Even though I may sound foreign when I return to the States, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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