Under the Weather

For the past two weeks the weather has been unpredictable.  First it was really, really, really, cold (like I had to drive to the library cold), then it kind of leveled out for a day or so.  It was pretty bearable until it started raining a couple days ago.  It was raining slightly at first and was still cold, so everything on campus was covered in a thin sheet of ice (slightly dangerous).  There was even a couple people ice skating on the rugby field!

I personally love winter, so I look forward to the snowy days, the bitter cold, the great skiing, and of course the sweaters.  Unfortunately all the rain washed away the beautiful snow!

After the rain melted all the snow away.

After the rain melted all the snow away.

While Union’s campus is always gorgeous, there’s just something special about a sheet of bright white snow over everything that brings it to another level.  While it was a nice break to be able to walk around campus in just a light vest instead of my winter jacket, I was missing the snow. Especially considering it’s the middle of January! It’s supposed to snow!

Lucky for me, when I woke up this morning there was a fresh blanket of powdery snow across campus! Everything looked so beautiful. Even though I did have to layer up to go outside, it was worth it to see campus looking so beautiful.  Every time I walked outside I saw multiple students stopping to take photos of the Nott.  I may be a junior, but I still take at least one photo on campus a day! Can you blame me?



As if my day wasn’t already made due to the snow, I even ran into someone on campus that had a brand new tiny little puppy! Added bonus!

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Hi! My name is Jordan Pulling, an Environmental Science major and French double major with a minor in Environmental Engineering in Union College's class of 2015 hailing from the village of Old Forge in upstate New York. I have been in love with Union ever since my Dad (Class of '76) started bringing me to the Schenectady campus at the ripe old age of 10 years old. Between the architecture to the student community, I wouldn't change a thing about this little slice of heaven. When I first came to campus as a student in September of 2011, I immediately hurled myself into everything the great U has to offer. I never miss an opportunity to proudly rave Union while giving tours and advising first-year students during orientation. My major accomplishments at Union (so far!) have been attaining leadership positions in 3 environmentally focused clubs on campus, a council position in my Minerva (woo Messa House!), and being the Women's Varsity coxswain on the crew team! When I'm not shuffling between things during the week, you can find me doodling in my class notes, trying to learn how to play the guitar (or strumming my ukulele), tending to my slightly drooping aloe plant, Reamer-ratting, or taking advantage of the sunlight! Here at Union I wouldn't have my days any other way. Never been more in love with U.....!

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