After six weeks of vacation, some long and some short, I’m back at Union.


This is what I left behind at home.

We’re near the end of our second week now, and so far I’m pretty pleased with my schedule. I’m taking another trimester of Russian language, so this will be my fifth class on my way to earning a minor in the Russian language. I’m also taking a class on Russia in the Imperial Age taught by Professor Stephen Berk, a world-renowned lecturer and respected leader of Jewish and Russian culture studies. I’d taken a class on Soviet History that he taught last winter, and I felt compelled to take another class with him. In addition to all that, I’m still acting as co-secretary of the Russian and Eastern European Culture Club. I have my fingers in many Russian pies, all in preparation for my Spring trip abroad to Irkutsk, Siberia, which I’ve written about in previous posts.

Apart from all my Russophile studies and activities, I’m taking a class on World Music which is designed to appeal and relate to people who have had no previous experience with music theory. I played piano for quite a few years and took a theory course in high school, but I haven’t played in a while and never got a good grasp on the material in the theory course. That being said, I feel I’m in a comfortable position in that class because of my inhuman knowledge of bands and genres. Every day I’m listening to something new, and now my repertoire of musical interests is rapidly expanding. Included with the textbook for this class are CDs with different examples of multicultural “world” musics, and different tracks are referenced in chapters of the textbook. Reading two pages may take me two hours, not because the course material is dense or anything, but simply because I turn to the internet to research more about the groups and songs I hear on the CDs. In essence, I get to work while I procrastinate.

So that’s where I am, academically. Be on the lookout for more posts from me about my happenings around campus, events with WRUC Radio Union College, Russian and Eastern European Culture Club, and the ARTS theme house!