Do you ever have those moments when you step back from the world for a second and think to yourself, “Wow, I am so lucky!”? Today it happened to me — and at work of all places!

My first bit of luck: when I transferred to Union in the fall of my sophomore year I was employed by the Union Communications Department for my work-study assignment. I had just spent a year working in a college phone center trying to get alumni to donate to a school I hated and now within my first two weeks of being at Union I was being asked to write about college life and going to get paid for it? Literally a dream come true!

Since those humble beginnings, when Union had maybe a half dozen student bloggers and we each blogged at our own sites (I kept mine going as a personal blog, TheGarnetLetter — see the Union inspiration there?) I have seen the Union student blogging initiative blossom into what it is today: the award-winning Unfiltered site. While I still blog about student life and various college happens, my blogging roles and responsibilities have grown over the past three year; I help with our Twitter account, post on Google+, and (my favorite) schedule daily 7pm Unfiltered tweets (and 11am and 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays!) on the Union College Twitter account.

The best part of this assignment is that I have the opportunity to read every single one of our amazing bloggers’ posts before summarizing their musings in 140 characters or less. We have an incredible cast of student bloggers here at Union College. No wonder Unfiltered won a national award this year! I’m telling you: make the time to read all of the posts on Unfiltered. They are so great and cover so many different perspectives. If you’re a Union student, you’ll learn so much about your peers and about our school! If you’re a prospective student, your heart will go Garnet immediately!