At Union, if you are a junior and a member of Greek life, your housing is already predetermined. No need for that pesky lottery, or scrambling to get rooms together. Instead, you are given the opportunity to live in your sorority or fraternity house on frat row! Since I joined Greek life during sophomore fall, I have been looking forward to living in the Delta house! Finally, the time has come and I have to say, I am absolutely loving it. Here are my top five favorite things about living with my sisters!

  1. SO. MANY. CLOSETS. Never have I ever been surrounded by 40 other closets to explore when I need clothes! It is amazing. If I’m looking for something specific, I can just shoot the house group text a message, and I know that one of my sisters will immediately come through for me.
  2. There’s always a friend I have yet to be bored for even a second while living in Delta! No matter what time of day or night, I can always count on one of my sisters to want to watch a movie, go for a Panera run or just to do homework with. It also definitely does not hurt that I can walk down the hall and yell out if anyone wants to go to Reamer and be guaranteed to get a response.
  3. All things girly Living with only girls, in addition to many closets, also means an endless supply of hair elastics, shampoo and tissues. Girls are always much better prepared than guys (sorry boys) so whenever I run out of a necessity, I can count on my sisters to provide me with whatever I’m lacking. Plus, there’s always someone there to help me do my hair!
  4. Kitchen! Living in Fox and Davidson definitely left something to be desired in terms of utilities, because microwaves can only do so much. Sure, we had access to our Minerva kitchens, but they often didn’t have the supplies we needed and just weren’t ideal for a group of friends to cook a meal together when we didn’t want to leave our dorm. In Delta, we have a fully stocked kitchen with plenty of things to cook with. I’ve already taken advantage of this luxury multiple times since being back! After cooking for myself in York for three months, I was excited to have the opportunity to cook my own meals in the comfort of my own home again.
  5. Support system I cannot stress enough that there really is no better built in support system than your sisters. I live with 40 of the best girls I have ever known, and every single one of them has been there for me through thick and thin, every step of the way. I felt that support as a sophomore living in a dorm, too, but it is a different experience entirely living with all of these amazing people. I am beyond lucky to have such an incredible group of people looking out for me.