winter fest

Last week the Russian and East European Culture Club threw its annual Winer Fest in Breazzano House. Professor Pease of the Russian Department taught students how to make authentic Russian Borscht — delicious beet soup! A ton of students taking Russian on campus showed up, making for an evening of frost-lined windows, warm soup, and wonderful conversation.

The event was especially timely with the Sochi Olympics beginning just the next day. The Russian Department is something that has really taken off in the last few years at Union. Our students often attend language competitions (like yours truly here and here) and a whole gaggle of students are going to Siberia this spring (like our very own Cam ’16 and Mary ’16).

The thing about anything at Union is it is very student-driven. If students want something, they get it. If they don’t want something, it won’t happen. The lesson to learn from our great growth with the Russian Department is that its continuity and strength will really depend on the students going forward. I hope that when my peers come back from their eastern adventure they will have a renewed vigor for the language and culture and the little Russian community here at Union will only continue to grow!