I went home this weekend, so I haven’t got much to talk about in terms of what’s been happening with my life on-campus recently. I had a great stay at home, though! I brought my girlfriend with me and we went out for sushi with my parents on Friday night, then caught the end of the opening to the Sochi Olympics. Since I’m minoring in the Russian language and I’ve taken some Russian history and culture courses, plus because I’m traveling to Russia in a little over a month, it felt especially important to me to watch the spectacle that Russia put on.

The next day we went to see Disney’s Frozen, and it was awesome. I think everybody’s got a soft spot for Disney movies, and recently the Disney Animation Studio has been churning out some pretty good ones. Speaking of, my three-year-old niece saw Frozen and was so horrified by Elsa’s ice powers she kept telling my sisters that she wanted to go home, even though her eyes were glued to the screen. My girlfriend assured me that while she was frightened by the Disney movie, she wasn’t scared enough to want to leave.

After the movie we went back to my place for dinner with my parents and my sister, Jessie. As soon as my friend Andrew from home heard we were having a board game night, he hopped in his car and was at our door within a few minutes. We played some intense rounds of Scattergories, which I don’t think my family had used since the ’90s, and discussed which David Bowie personas accurately represented us (there’s a science to this, and I am the ’76-’79 Berlin Bowie). It felt really nice to spend time with people I don’t get to be around as much as I’d like to.